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16 inch pipe bevel machine
beaver 16s
pipe bevel

Beaver 16 S

Beaver 16 S, Stationary pipe bevel machine
Machining range : from O.D 2" to 16"
Wall thickness : up to 1 inch in one pass
Controls: manual clamping and feeding
Motor : 400 volts / 3 ph / 5.5 KW.
Speeds in RPM : 48/ 64 / 96 /128 RPM
Measurements : length 1400 mm x width 1100 mm x width 2100 mm
Weight : 2350 kgs

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The main advantages of the Beaver 16 S stationary pipe bevel machine are:

  • It is fast for bevelling metal pipes
  • The machine is manufactured for industrial use and works well with heavy wall pipes up to 1 inch.
  • When you are bevelling batches of pipes with the same bevel this machine will provide you a constant quality bevel that is accurate.
  • You can make a smooth and high quality bevel with this machine, it is more constant quality than with portable bevellers.
  • The machine is easy to use for the operator.
  • We could provide training to the operator and explain how to use the tooling to get the good bevel.
  • J-bevels , V-bevels, tapering, facing, squaring can be done with this pipe beveling machine.
  • Carbonsteel, Stainless steel even Duplex can be bevelled, some material requires lubrication when bevelling.
  • This machine is simple and does not require a lot of maintenance.
  • Our machines are built solid and robust.
  • Copier Bevelmachines provides the technical assistance that you need to help you getting the right bevel that is required.
  • We design our own toolingsets according to the customers requirement.

Watch the video of the Beaver 16S with rollerbench.

Do you want more information or an offer? Please contact us: +31 183 441 313 or sales@bevelmachines.com


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